Recycle. Reinvent. Revive.


Inspiration Meets Innovation

Fwei is an organization focused on change.
Changing habits, changing minds, changing economies.
Through innovative thinking and solving real world problems,
we we aim to give future generations a chance for
a cleaner, connected world.

Our dual focus on decreasing waste and supporting
Entrepreneurs is what drives our daily actions.
We aim to find new ways to grow and expand beyond
conventional approaches and to impact on a global scale.



Fwei is driven by the vision of Ionut Georgescu, a Romanian entrepreneur passionate about changing the way the world handles waste Management.


By working to reverse global warming through research and innovation in waste management.
Fwei has built an impressive track record.


When a business wants to innovate, it must begin with more than a product or service. It must begin with a different future context.


Creating a new context for a better tomorrow.