Reducing Waste through
Innovative Thinking.


Preventative and Reusable Solutions.

By working to reverse global warming through research and innovation in waste management, Fwei has built an impressive track record. Our team endeavors to find preventative and reusable solutions for packaged waste. We aim to educate and increase producer responsibility.



Almost 200 waste management companies 

More than 500 responsible companies which put on the market produces with packaging and they based on Extended Producer Responsibility


Packaging of consumer products and food today create an incredible amount of waste. Very often this packaging is mishandled and is unable to be recycled due to poor practices. Through reduction and education, we are creating an incentive to reduce and reuse.

We believe in a future where our consumption will be more responsible regarding our environment. As citizens we must become more responsible for the waste we create. Through education and partnerships, this is becoming a reality.

We deliver the world’s best system for boosting recycling and increase all stakeholders responsibility and value share using the latest technologies and blockchain.



A stable company, recognized in our industry for: safe fulfillment of annual recovery targets for our customers, research and innovation, transparency, contribution to national collection and recycling system.


  • Safe fulfillment of annual recovery targets

  • Transparency

  • Contribution to the national collection and recycling system

Positioning In The Market -
Competitive Company Advantages

  • Current client portfolio

  • Position in OTR market - high market share

  • Know-how

  • Feed-back good from the clients regarding customer experience

Internal Company Values -
Differentiators in the Market

  • Integrity of employees 

  • Agile company to different changes 

  • A company regarded by the competition as a rival competitor

  • Suppliers judge us as rigorous (eg traceability)

  • Trend setters

  • Dedicated team, young, willing to succeed