Packaging and Packaging Waste


Extended Producer

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a fundamental principle of Zero Waste. Also known as Product Stewardship, EPR is a strategy that places a shared responsibility for end-of-life management of consumer products on the manufacturers of the products, while encouraging product design that minimizes negative impacts on human health and the environment at every stage of the product's lifecycle.

EPR has been increasing applied as a policy approach throughout Europe and Canada since the early 1990s. Over the past five years, the U.S. has adopted the principles of EPR largely through state-level action; nearly half of U.S. states now require product stewardship for outdated electronic equipment. EPR can be applied to many products that are toxic or costly to manage; most commonly electronics, packaging, carpet, and household hazardous wastes such as paint, batteries, pesticides, and fluorescent lighting.

EPR basically extends the polluter pays principle to the majority of the waste stream, specifically products and packaging. If you manufacture or consume a product, you should be fully responsible for the pollution it causes as well as the costs of dealing with it when the consumer is done using it. Right now, the financial burden and infrastructure needed—be it landfills, curbside recycling or hazardous waste collections—fall upon local governments. Yet these local governments cannot control who buys or makes what products and are faced with ever-increasing expenses to manage these materials. EPR restores fairness to the system so all taxpayers are not left footing the bill for the actions of some—manufacturers and consumers cover the full costs of their actions.

FEPRA International SA is a company designed to take responsibility of manufacturers and importers who place packaging and packaging waste on the Romanian market in order to fulfill their legal obligations of recycling and recovery.

The manufacturer's extended liability system is the way Romania wants to achieve the country targets assumed by signing the accession treaty. Encouraging this system by creating an appropriate legal framework is a necessity at this time and one of the objectives of FEPRA International SA is to actively participate in the system improvement measures.