Being Cause In The Matter.


Leadership Is Creating a New Future Context.

When a business wants to innovate, it must begin with more than a product or service. It must begin with a different future context -  a vision. A new way of seeing the world that doesn’t make sense in the current market place / status.

The challenges the world faces today are complicated and contentious. There are no easy answers when we only think in terms of present day solutions. To move forward we must think from the future back towards the present. This allows innovation to become the new reality.

We should be cause-in-the-matter for our future and our children’s future!

The mission of FWEI is to be an example and a support to those entrepreneurs in the Romanian culture who wish to join the global marketplace.

The role of the entrepreneur is to set a new context for the future. FWEI aims to bring a new context to the Romanian entrepreneurial community. To expand beyond their borders and bring their own vision to the worldwide.

By assisting aspiring Romanian entrepreneurs to find partnerships and resources to make a better tomorrow. market. By offering educational tools, consulting and networking we aim to change the language of entrepreneurship. 



Building a profitable business to sustain entrepreneurs and to promote collaboration through technology, learning, art, information and knowledge sharing, identifying funding opportunities through a talent market, and a community close to each other.


  • Profitable business by 2020

  • Community of entrepreneurs - Achieving 1,000,000 members (unique visitors / community members / conference participants / newsletter subscribers, etc.) by the end of 2020

  • Yielding community of entrepreneurs

Positioning In The Market -
Competitive Company Advantages

  • Brand history

  • English language as official working language

  • Reputation and customer experience

  • Team

Internal Company Values -
Differentiators in the Market

  • Brand and employee’s integrity 

  • Editorial Integrity (Correct, Positive Approach)

  • Deliver results to our customers