Changing The Way We Deal
With Waste.


End of Waste Foundation 

We are a Public Benefit Corporation established in 2018 in United States by entrepreneurs dedicated to change the way we deal with waste management and shaping a new context for our future.

Our Commitment 

Our commitment is to help Reverse Global Warming through waste management by disrupting the way citizens and corporations see waste and deal with it as a value.

Our Vision 

Our vision is that the world of tomorrow will be shaped by innovation and entrepreneur’s disruptive passion and dedication and that our life will be totally interconnected into a positive way with technology and digital.

Global Waste Traceability System

We are launching the first global waste traceability system based on blockchain which will allow us to build an extended share responsibility in order to have a fully integrated system to share the obligations and responsibilities between all stakeholders from generation, collection, processing, manufacturing and producing new products. From Extended Producer responsibility to Extended Share Responsibility.